From the Lab Review


From the Lab is the next box i have received in the mail. It is AHH-MAZING seriously. I have had this box for about a week and wanted to try to products for you all to give an honest review, without further ado!



 This is how it works, It is skin care, beauty, hair products every month that you cannot purchase anywhere else, in stores or online. You can subscribe to this box click on the link above and request membership. They had a promotion going for 19.99 a month plus shipping, which after trying these products, I would say it’s beyond worth that! 



So here is what the box looks like, very cute and sleek. Love the color 🙂




First look, The pamphlet on the top explains what products you are getting.



Just the first impression of the actual products.



So the first product I see is the Eye Cream No. 579. I have to say I am always a little skeptical of eye creams, I have very sensitive skin and a lot of allergies, this product is amazing! It is light weight, rich in antioxidants which is fantastic, it has anti aging benefits which I don’t need now but i don’t think it’s every too early to start. At a high end make up counter or even Arbonne (which I would say is the most alike) this onecontainer would be around 46 dollars.. WAY more than the price of the entire box!



Finally the 24 Hour Face Cream No. 578. Again very light weight, Protecting skin from environmental micro-toxins while simultaneously stimulating collagen production and minimizes the appearance of premature aging. This is a morning and night cream. I have only used it at night and again I love it. Feels great, not greasy, doesn’t make my face toooo dry either. 


Overall, I would give this box a 10 out of 10! The one and only thing I’m bummed about is the fact that i cannot buy these products while I am not a member. I do think the box is way worth the value of the box so being a member to purchase seems like a more than fair trade. What do you guys think?!  


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